Preclinical CRO offering Xenograft Studies

Available Cell Lines/Models

Xenograft Disease Models and Services

We have carefully selected our disease models to help you select the right molecules with good promise for therapeutic drug development. It is vital to verify the effectiveness of your lead molecules before investing any further in the lead optimization stage. Our services can also assist you in efficacy screening and proof-of-concept studies using our validated diseases models. When you work with us, your research yields more information with a single study because of our unique and comprehensive approach. Eliminate unsuitable compounds, get valuable input and design regulatory studies that suit your requirements, all using our disease models.

Cancer Disease Models

We provide an extensive range of cell lines and xenograft rodent models for in vivo evaluation of drug substances. You can utilize a wide variety of cancers, including breast, prostate, colon, peripheral, blood, pancreas, kidney, ovarian and thyroid. Our qualified researchers have expertise in animal models. Their experience can be leveraged to study the productiveness of drugs, or examine drug toxicity, as well as substantiate biomarkers. We offer orthotopic xenograft models to help you study the effects of drug substances on human tumors transplanted to the equivalent mouse organ. Orthotopic xenografts are also effective for assessing the consequences of the drug on preventing metastasis of the tumor under study.

Our subcutaneous CDX xenograft models (cell line derived) allow the mechanism of action of drug substances on human tumors grafted below the subcutaneous tissue of mice. The following list are some of the accepted cell lines and xenograft models are available:

In addition, we are able to work with customer-provided cell lines and additional cell lines not listed here, as well as any tumorigenic cell line commercially available from ATCC or DSMZ.

Metabolic Disease Models

Diabetes, heart disease and even cancer have been linked to metabolism of glucose in the human body. Our in vivo xenograft services can also be extended to measure glucose metabolism in mice and rats under minimum stress. Such data provides information about drug safety and validation, mechanism of action and opens doors to further research and development of the clinical implications. We provide a large variety of services for examining metabolism in animal models, isolated tissue and tissue culture.

We also provide complete support for pre-clinical development of the selected candidates.

Our metabolic research includes services such as:

  • Oral glucose tolerance test
  • ¬†Insulin tolerance test
  • Hormone and cytokine assays
  • Signal transduction
  • Determination of parent compound and circulating metabolites

Inflammation Disease Models

We can also facilitate drug development studies with in vivo evaluation of drug substances that modulate inflammatory pathways. Our staff can assist you with timed and dose-response studies to get a better understanding of the hematological and biochemical limits that differentiate the main stage of a disease and identify the effects of the candidate drug. Our inflammation disease models and related services include the following:

  • Carrageenan Paw Edema Model
  • Collagen Induced Arthritis Model
  • Adjuvant Induced Arthritis Model
  • LPS induced Inflammatory Model
  • Hormone and Cytokine Assays
  • Signal Transduction
  • Evidence of parent compound and circulating metabolites